XMAS 2014

The debut XMAS issue features articles from a wide range of academics, discussing the ever-complex Filipino Identity (or lack thereof?), as well as responses to the repercussions of the emerging webcam industry.

The entire issue can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF file (0.0 MB) by clicking here, or viewed online as follows.


  1. Foreword by Jose Francisco B. Benitez
  2. Introduction by Raul Pertierra
  3. The Filipino Identity by Niels Mulder
  4. The Fun of Interpretation by Niels Mulder
  5. Noli Me Tangere by Paul W. Mathews PhD., John Escobar and Louie Navarro



Neil Garcia, PhD. University of the Philippines

Patrick Law Pui-Lam, PhD. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Anna Cristina Pertierra PhD., University of Queensland, Australia

Yolanda van Ede, PhD. University of Amsterdam

Itaru Nagasaka, PhD. University of Hiroshima

Mina Roces, PhD. University of New South Wales, Sydney

Lynne Millgram, PhD. OCAD University, Toronto

Michael Pinches, PhD. University of Western Australia

Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu PhD.Ateneo de Manila University

Cheryl Soriano, PhD. De La Salle University

Andreas Ackermann, PhD. University of Koblenz, Germany

Vicente L. Rafael, PhD. Cornell University

Alan P. Isaac, PhD. New York University



Raul Pertierra & Olivia M. Villafuerte



Charlotte Kuo Benitez

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